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July 2020

We have sold our beautiful condo on the Mississippi River in downtown Almonte and are moving to a smaller place. As a result, we have many items for sale, treasures accumulated over 50+ years.

If you are interested contact Al or Jeri at 613-256-0687. We will negotiate a price. Items which have been sold have been deleted. Several more items have been added.

Beautiful oil painting signed by Fran Topelko, “Blooming Crab Apples, 22″ x 18” framed. Originally paid $200. Sale price $100
Golf ball retriever, $10.00
2-drawer file cabinet. $20
Coppercraft Guild from Kitchener: 4 smaller pieces (10″ x 10″), $60.00
and two larger pieces (10″x 14″), $35.00
Small copper 6″ x 8″, $15.00
24/250 Limited edition print by Ben Babelowsky: , (24″ x 22″ framed), $50
17/110 limited edition print by Steve Driscoll, (22″ x 25″ framed). $35.00 See info about Steve below.

Wall hangings, $5.00
Wine cooler, $5.00
Punch bowl with several cups and ladle, $15.00
Hair dryer for use in Switzerland, FREE
Brass candlesticks (joined), $5.00
Brass candlesticks (separate), $3.00
Photo of Mississippi River cottages near Carleton Place- Free
This frame, $3.00, and many more free frames available
wood tray 22″ x 15″, $5
Pillows $1.00 each. The two at the bottom were quilted by my friend. The two quilted pillows have been sold.
Beautiful suit bag, $25
Folder 1, $2.00
Folder 2, $2.00
File box, great for household files, $3.00

7 thoughts on “Items for sale

    • Hi Carmel. The tree trimmer was sold today. Someone wanted the tray but never came for it. I have PM’d her and will let you know what she says. 613-256-0687.

    • Carmel, she didn’t reply so the tray is available. Call me to make arrangements to pick it up. 613-256-0687

    • Unfortunately we now just have the two that are described on the website. The others were picked up yesterday.

    • yes. I don’t look at these comments every day and don’t seem to get any email reminders. Please call me at the number below

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