W 1/2 Lot 9 Conc 6, Asphodel

We are devastated to discover that our Lawrence Doherty was a tenant on his land his whole life. His son, James, bought the farm but had to mortgage it. Money problems continued for 100 years. It’s all intertwined with the Read family.  It’s all in our new book- Finding Lawrence’s Family . . . from Ballywilliam to Asphodel.

Meeting new Dohertys

Yesterday I corresponded by a series of emails with a cousin, Kathy Doherty, (my second cousin once removed), who sent me wonderful pictures and stories of the members of her family. I have been unbelievably moved by a 16-page autobiography of her grandfather, J.J. Doherty. He was not a famous man by others’ standards, but he was the type of person who has made this country the wonderful place to live that it is today. He was a man of great faith, a family man, a man who fought for his country in the First World War, and a man who wanted his descendants to know about him. We will publish his autobiography in our Doherty family history — “From Ballywilliam to Asphodel”. Thanks so much to Kathy!

I also spoke with Maureen Doherty McIntosh of Calgary, a second cousin, and she has promised to send materials to me for the book.

I still await a package of materials from a wonderful woman, Frances Doherty Jackson, who wrote about her branch of the family in a document published in Consort, Alberta.

Margaret and I have been researching the saga of Lawrence Doherty’s land and are realizing why our fathers (and JJ) had their strict views about money.

Back home

We arrived home last night after an incredible 22 days in Ireland. The warmth of the people we met made up for the cool weather. Great news for the reunion. The Pakenham Arena location WILL be available on July 20th!! We also picked up the 100 copies of “From Fermanagh to Fitzroy and Beyond”. The price is $50 per book and 69 copies have been pre-ordered. Check out Lunney Reunion 2013 for more details.

A wonderful lunch

Al and I met Dorothy and Ken Payne today.  Dorothy is a Mantle cousin and genealogist who has shared many of our common genealogy puzzles for over ten years. We enjoyed meeting face to face and this may inspire us to get together to solve more puzzles.