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Descendants of Peter McGillen

(updated July 11, 2015)

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My thanks to Maureen Day, my second cousin, who provided me with her research on the McGillen family. Her thorough work and her collection of photographs are invaluable.

Maureen’s ex-husband, Philip Day, wrote a book on their genealogy. Maureen was kind enough to share the McGillen part with me and I shall include it here.

McGillens by Philip Day

Maureen’s special gift was a picture of Mary Ann McGillen Doherty, my grandmother, who died long before I was born. I remember meeting Aunt Nora Flynn and Aunt Clara Forestall in Bellevile when I was young but had no idea what Grandma Doherty looked like.  And she was a real beauty, almost identical to her sister, Nora. I guess Grandma Doherty would have looked like Aunt Nora in the picture below, had she lived to a good age.  I remembered Grandpa Doherty as an old man but seeing him in this picture gives me new insight.

Finding Maureen was a wonderful acident. My mom had a newsletter announcing a McGillen family gathering from many years ago.  I called the contact number and there she was, ready to drive three hours to meet a distant relative and share her genealogical research.

What amazed me is how the Heffernan clan intermingles its way throughout my research.  Here they are again.

Note to family members: This file has been privatized. This means that the personal data of all living individuals has been made private.   I welcome all enquiries, corrections, additions. E-mail Me if you wish to get more information.

Doherty gparents

Patrick Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1869-1951) and Mary Ann McGillen Doherty (1876-1938)

Norah McGillen Flynn- They sure looked alike! both beautiful!

Arnold Forestell, Clara McGillen and Nora McGillen

Peter McGillen (1872-1918) & Catherine Ann Heffernan McGillen (1871-1962)

Charles McGillen, Cornelius Heffernan and unknown

Honorah Doyle McGillen

John McGillen and Herman Peter McGillen




2 thoughts on “McGillen

  1. Thanks for this information, Arnold Forestell and Clara McGillen were my grandparents. I recognize the one picture with grandma & grandpa and her sister Nora. My father was Donald Paul Forestell who passed away March 17th, 1996. Have been searching for information and was very excited to find this.

  2. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I will send you what I have about your family and perhaps you can make additions / corrections.

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