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To download a pdf of the Lunney descendants, click on:  Lunney
Al and I have written the  Lunney Family History: “From Fermanagh to Fitzroy and Beyond” . 
From Fermanagh to Fitzroy and beyond 

Many thanks to Joseph E. Carroll and to Louise Chinnock, our American cousins.  I also wish to acknowledge Dorothy Payne, Monsignor Leonard Lunney and Bernadette Lunney, the late Edward Lunney, and the late Jim Lunney and his wife, Betty Lunney, Manotick, Ontario, for all of their research. They have entrusted me with their family records and I greatly appreciate that trust. A special thank you to the late Sister Rita from Pakenham for verifying names and dates.

I am still trying to prove that Edward Joseph Lunney and his brother, Hugh, had a sister Bridget Ellen Lunney who married John O’Keefe in Fermanagh, Ireland then came to Canada, then the USA. We do not have absolute proof that Bridget is the sister of Edward and Hugh but DNA evidence backs up this theory. Bridget Lunney and John O’Keefe lived in Fitzroy Township according to the 1851 census next to Edward Lunney and Johanna Mantle.

UPDATE!! We now have lots of DNA evidence to connect Bridget’s descendants with Edward’s descendants. We are also working hard using DNA evidence to prove that another brother was John Lunney.

Also another Bridget Ellen Lunney, the granddaughter of Edward (daughter of Patrick), is possibly named after her aunt Bridget Ellen.

Bridget Lunney’s marriage record shows that she was married in Knockninny Parish, Fermanagh on 01/07/1838  and that witnesses were Barny Lunny and Terry McTee.  Bernard Lunney was a brother of Edward and Hugh according to Al’s great great uncle, Hugh Lunney.

Bridget Lunney O'Keefe marriage

Bridget and John’s first child was Rose, born 01/11/1839 in Knockninny, Fermanagh. Sponsors were Tom Keef and Rose Keef.

I have a letter from Anne Lunney, sister of Louise Lahey, who speaks of Bridget, Bernard and Ann who were left behind in Ireland when Edward and Hugh came to Canada.

Anne Lunney letter about Bernard & Anne cropped

The other mystery is a Thomas Lunney referred to the History of the Antrim Women’s Institute (Antrim, Ontario, Canada). It would appear that this may be Hugh so perhaps he was Thomas Hugh Lunney or Hugh Thomas Lunney. The history refers to Edward and Thomas being granted land in Fitzroy Township. Another problem to solve.

Note to family members: This file has been privatized. This means that the personal data of all living individuals has been made private. I welcome all enquiries, corrections, additions. E-mail me if you wish to get more information. If your name has not been privatized it is probably because I do not have your birth information. Please contact me to make the correction.









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  1. Hi Jeri, I am Diane M. O’Keefe, daughter of Brian T. O’Keefe who was the son of Thomas F. O’Keefe, Jr, who was the son of Thomas F. O’Keefe who was the son of John S. O’Keefe and Bridget Ellen Lunney. My new-found cousin Kasey sent me your website as we are both working on family genealogy. I haven’t read your whole document yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. I have been putting the O’Keefe family tree into (my sister-in-law,Cristy’s account) So any information that you have would be useful to me. And I would be happy to have you use anything that I have found.

  2. Hi Dianne
    If you send me your Descendant report for the Lunney/O’Keefe family, I’d be glad to send you mine.

  3. My great great grandmother was Mary Ann Lunney. She was born in New York, married my great great grandfather Dennis Leahy of Thurles, Tipperary in Ballston Spa, New York. They moved to San Jose California in 1853. Her mother, Mary Lunney (maiden name unknown, native of Ireland) is also buried in the same area at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

  4. The name (Mary Ann) is one of our names but I can find no connection. Our Lunneys came from Fermanagh. We have found no further records in Ireland. If you find anything else I would love to hear from you.

  5. my family origionated in fermanagh, some are still there, do you think lunney and lunny were the same family?

  6. Yes, I believe that the spellings fluctuated a lot. I would love to compare notes with you. Can you write to me at and send me some details of your family? Are you interested in DNA tests? My husband, J. A. (Al) Lunney (Ontario, Canada) and James Lunney (Dublin, Ireland- originally Fermanagh) have already been tested. I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Hello

    I am married to a Gerard lunney whose mother was a Veronica lunney – her parents were Mary and Patrick – they lived in Liverpool UK but patrick originated from Ireland. We live in Australia now and visited the Fremantle prison where there was a list of all the convicts that arrived at the colony. There was a Hugh Lunney who came from Ireland born 1810 who was sentenced in Leitrim. He was married with 3 children and survived the prison process and was released in 1861. There was also a patrick luney born 1828 married with one child but he died in the prison hospital . He was sentenced in Preston uk. All this got me thinking sbout the family name so I googled it and found yourself. If you could shed any light on the info or if it of use that would be good.

    I have a photo of the information if you want time to send it to you.

    Many thanks

    Claire and Gerard lunney

  8. We have no information on any Lunneys who were sent to prison or who went to Australia but would love to see what you have.

  9. Hi – I have posted in the past, we have Lunnys or Lunneys in our family. We also believe our Leahys who married Lunnys went from Ireland to Canada then to New York and ultimately to California.
    Anyway, I did the AncestryDNA test and my brother did 23&me. would love to see if anything matches up. We did find one Lunny match on 23&me who is from San Jose, CA as well. Pretty sure she is a 3rd or 4th cousin, but she hasn’t been too enthusiastic about the connection.

  10. My husband has done a couple of DNA tests but they are only for the male connection as far as I know. His cousin, Joe Carroll, is coordinating this with Lunneys in Ireland. Would you like me to put you in touch with him? I would also love to hear more details from you at to see if we can make a connection.

  11. Sure, I had my brother test so we’d have the male DNA as well. We have established that Mary Ann Lunny/Lunney was related to other Lunnys who lived in the San Jose area. There still are some Lunnys in the San Jose area. We believe Dennis Leahy immigrated from Thurles, Tipp to San Jose, CA via Canada and upstate New York.

  12. I have a largish family tree which includes an Australian Lunney line through my wife’s Aunt who was Lunney. There are about 50 people with the name Lunney, but I could add many more.

    James LUNNEY /LUNNY publican, son of James LUNNEY and Alice, was born in 1829 in Killesher, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. He died on 12 Dec 1878 in Inverell, New South Wales, Australia. He married Isabella BRACKEN on 29 Mar 1854 in Florencecourt, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. She was born in 1834 in Florencecourt, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. She died on 1 Nov 1881 in Gilgai, New South Wales, Australia.

  13. I would love to share information with you. You can contact me at We know our Lunneys came from Fermanagh in 1830 from info on their tombstone and we know that the parents of Edward and Hugh Lunney are Patrick Lunney and Rose Reilly from a wedding record.

  14. Hi I am great grand daughter of William and Mary(Wilkinson) Lunney, who emigrated to South Australia. I know they were in Scotland when in 1884 a son was born. I have been unable to trace any family names from Ireland. I know that William and Mary were married at Dunfanarghy. I wonder if you are aware of this line at all?
    Cheers Gillian.

  15. Hi. I am not aware of this line. Has anyone done DNA testing? Both my husband and I have done this. We have found some relatives this way that we never would have found. I would love to hear from you at

  16. Thanks Jerri. Hope this is the site I’m supposed to be using. Sorry but I was confused about what site to use to contact you. I appreciate you hanging in there with me as I try to get in touch with you. Thank-you. Sincerely, Will Nugent

  17. Relatives came from Fermanaugh Ireland .. The Connecticut Lunnys… Name spelt Lunney also … In Ireland

  18. It is wonderful to find your website by accident while searching for information on Mary Lunney B abt 1808 Ireland D. 1872? and Patrick Farry B. abt 1789, Ireland D. 1856. I am a decedent of their daughter Alice Farry, who married James Leavy (My Great-Great-Great Grandparents). Alice and James’ daughter Genevieve “Jennie” or “Jane” Leavy (Levi, Levy) married Garrett G. Murphy. Jennie and Garrett’s son Levi James Murphy married Delena Matilda Brunelle. Levi and Tilly’s daughter Maxine Gertrude Murphy was my grandmother.

    I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to find information on Mary Lunney’s parents and siblings.

  19. I have spent a couple of hours on this and have found very little. A couple of things: First Mary Lunney is not Mary Gertrude Lunney, our cousin who died at the age of 10 months in Pakenham, Ontario. Several families researching your Mary on have made this error. I have the 1851 census which gives the names of their children, several born in Galway, Ireland and the younger ones born in Fitzroy Township, Ontario. For some reason, several families on say they came from Fermanagh where our families came from. I can’t find one with a source. I wish I could be of more help. Most Lunneys come from Fermanagh and Tyrone, so it is possible Mary did come from Fermanagh. I would love to hear from you again if you have any luck with this! Please record my email as somewhere in your files and maybe some day, we’ll figure this out!

  20. Pardon the brevity as I’m on the phone typing. Loved this information . My father Don Richard Lunney passed away in 2014. He was son of Jim Lunney and Grace Richardson. I believe the Lunney originally settled in Chesley Ontario. Would love to learn more.

    Best regards


  21. I am in South Africa. I have 3 documents which I cannot even be sure are connected.
    The first is a Baptismal certificate for Meta EBDEN / LUNNEY, daughter of unmarried parents John Bardwell EBDEN (my great grandfather) and Rose Ann LUNNEY. Meta born 8 May 1870, baptised 11 July 1870 at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Port Elizabeth.
    Then I have a reference in the Cape Colony Archives dated 1853,which is a memorial to the authorities by Patrick LUNNEY applying for employment.
    Finally, there is a 1904 document, also in the Cape Colony archives dated 1904, at East London in the Eastern Cape, referred to as “Identification of W H LUNNEY, Policeman”.
    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of LUNNEYs in South Africa.
    My information is all on MY HERITAGE, where I have a family tree in excess of 11 000 persons.

  22. Hi Jeri – It’s Kasey O’Keefe. I’m going to be heading to Ireland for the first time in May and will be looking for O’Keefe and Lunney information in Fermanagh. I’m reading through your book From Fermanagh to Fitzroy & Beyond to pick up some ideas of where to visit. Please drop me a line if you can offer more guidance. So excited to see the land of our ancestors!

  23. We visited Derrylin, Fermanagh. We went to several cemeteries in the area and found lots of Lunneys. We visited 3 different Lunney families in the aRea as described in my book. Start with the Lunney store in Derrylin. James Lunney in Dublin 8s a professor at Trinity College. I haven’t researched O’Keefes except for Bridget Lunney’s family.

  24. We’re staying on a farm in Derrylin and the owner is connecting me up with someone who knew an O’Keefe family just 2 miles away. 🙂

  25. My wife is Sharon Lunney, dad’s were Robert, then Daniel, Timothy LOONEY, and Daniel from CO. Mayo, The name LOONEY was changed to Lunney by the second Daniel. We thought Lunney was a made up name, glad it’s not. Any chance of connection?

  26. Hello, my names Kieron lunney ,my dad was Peter lunney,born in Enniskillen ,Fermanagh,the youngest of ten,married Teresa Hickey from Tipperary.One of his brothers was named Thomas,another John,and with one of his sisters were still living on the farm in Enniskillen 40 years ago,sadly all passed away now,two of his brothers went sheep farming in Australia,another sister was a nun for Mother Teresa, another sister Mary,like my dad lived in Hertfordshire.UK.dont know about the rest,wondered if you know about them.

  27. I am really excited to hear from you. The names are all the same — Peter, John, Thomas. Is there an Edward? We know that Al’s family came from Fermanagh because it’s on the tombstone of Edward Lunney. Do you have any more info on your family? Names, dates, etc. Al and his cousin, Joseph Carroll, are participating in a DNA project. So far we know that James Lunney from Dublin, originally from Fermanagh, is a distant cousin. Would you be willing to have a dna test? I would love to hear from you privately at

  28. I just stumbled upon this page and I must say I LOVE it! Not sure if we are connected, but I love the history! My 3rd Great Grandfather came to the states from Ireland (Tyronne County). In a letter than he applied for pension he states he was born in 3-10-1838 and his sister Ann took care of him until he came here around age 10. I can find nothing further on this line. I am excited to look at what you have here, but if we are connected I would look forward to getting to hear your stories!

  29. My maternal grandmother was Mary Lunney born in Fermanagh, Enniskillian, Molly mountain and died in NY. Her parents Frances Lunney b1870 and Mary McGuire b1873. Frances dad was Owen Lunney and Ellen Cassidy of Molly mountain Fermanagh . Lots of decendents of Owen and Ellen immigrated to America to work in the mines of Meeker, Leadville Colorado and Butte Montana late 1800’s. Some settled in the Boston area , NY and PA.

  30. Hello, I love reading this page . I am a decedent of Owen Lunney B1814 and Ellen Cassidy of Fermanagh, Molly mountain. Owen had many children that immigrated to Colorado, Montana, Boston and NY. I am a decedent of his son Francis b1870 Fermanagh, Molly and his wife Mary McGuire who gave birth to my Grandmother Mary Lunney in 1919 in Fermanagh. Love reading all the stories! Thanks.

  31. I would love to pursue this! My husband, Al Lunney, his cousin, Joe Carroll from the USA and James Lunney from Dublin, Ireland originally from Fermanagh, have had their DNA tested and Al and James have had their YDNA tested. Have you done so?? I would love to hear more at By the way, Owen is a big Lunney name in James Lunney’s family!

  32. I just uploaded my DNA results onto GEDMATCH and matched as 2nd cousin to Joe Carrolls sample of James Lunney from Dublin. I had emailed Joe and he got right back to me explaining who the sample belonged to. I also connected as a distant cousin on AncestryDNA to a Lunney family member from Butte Montana. Looking forward to connecting to more Lunney family members.

  33. I was born in North Staffordshire to Thomas Lunney, and am trying to get information because Thomas and my mum were not married.

  34. Hi Thomas. I think the only way to deal with this is through DNA. There will probably be sales around Father’s day. I suggest, then when you get it upload your data to Then please contact me again.

  35. Hi

    My grandfarther was Edward John Lunney, from Derrylin. I believe there are relatives called Wilkenson in the family line so I expect there is some connection.

  36. Hi Bernie
    I expect there is a connection. Would you consider a DNA test? Right now the tests are on sale since it is Father’s day in North America. Al (my husband, Al Lunney) has been tested on and the cost right now for a Family Finder test is $59(USD), an excellent price. We have a whole group of Lunneys in Ireland, Canada and the US who have been tested. The names Edward, John and Bernard are in our Lunney families!

  37. I just stumbled on this site. The name Lunney in my area is not common. My father was John Eddie Lunney and y grandfather was John Lunney born in 1856 and died in 1936 in Anniston Al. I know very little about the Lunney family and I believe my father was adopted by Mr, Lunney

  38. Hi Jeri. I just found your site. We have communicated re Dowd and Lunney. Reading the entries has increased my interest because I also match Leahy. One of my Dowd matches also has Lunney in his mother’s family. They still live in Fermanagh. Good wishes, Kerry (from Australia).

  39. Hi again. I wish we could figure this out. You match Al and his 1st cousin once removed but not the other members of our Lunneys. Anthony Dowd matches Al, the same 1st cousin once removed and James Lunney from Dublin (originally Fermanagh).He also matches you and another cousin of Al’s who is from the other brother who came to Canada in 1830. So Anthony is our key as I see it. I will correspond with James Lunney’s wife, Linde, and see what we can figure out.

  40. My father was James Lunney from Derrylin, Fermanagh. His date of birth was 19th October 1909. He migrated to England, working in Jersey and a time in the Merchant Navy, before settling in Birmingham, UK. He had Four children, all living currently.

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