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Descendants of Mr. Lunney
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From Fermanagh to Fitzroy and beyondThe day of the Lunney reunion in 2013, we received the following document which proves that Edward Lunney and John Curry came to Fitzroy Township in August 1830 and worked with Patrick Lindsay from time to time between 1830 and 1835.


Many thanks to Joseph E. Carroll and to Louise Chinnock, our American cousins.  I also wish to acknowledge Dorothy Payne, Monsignor Leonard Lunney and Bernadette Lunney, the late Edward Lunney, and the late Jim Lunney and his wife, Betty Lunney, Manotick, Ontario, for all of their research. They have entrusted me with their family records and I greatly appreciate that trust. A special thank you to the late Sister Rita from Pakenham for verifying names and dates.

I am still trying to prove that Edward Joseph Lunney and his brother, Hugh, had a sister Bridget Ellen Lunney who married John O’Keefe in Fermanagh, Ireland then came to Canada, then the USA. We do not have absolute proof that Bridget is the sister of Edward and Hugh but we believe that she is. Bridget Lunney and John O’Keefe lived in Fitzroy Township according to the 1851 census next to Edward Lunney and Johanna Mantle.

UPDATE!! We now have lots of DNA evidence to connect Bridget’s descendants with Edward’s descendants. We are also working hard using DNA eveidence to prove that another brother was John Lunney.

Also another Bridget Ellen Lunney, the granddaughter of Edward (daughter of Patrick), is possibly named after her aunt Bridget Ellen.

Bridget Lunney’s marriage record shows that she was married in Knockninny Parish, Fermanagh on 01/07/1838  and that witnesses were Barny Lunny and Terry McTee.  Bernard Lunney was a brother of Edward and Hugh according to Al’s great great uncle, Hugh Lunney.

Bridget Lunney O'Keefe marriage

Bridget and John’s first child was Rose, born 01/11/1839 in Knockninny, Fermanagh. Sponsors were Tom Keef and Rose Keef.

I have a letter from Anne Lunney, sister of Louise Lahey, who speaks of Bridget, Bernard and Ann who were left behind in Ireland when Edward and Hugh came to Canada.

Anne Lunney letter about Bernard & Anne cropped

The other mystery is a Thomas Lunney referred to the History of the Antrim Women’s Institute (Antrim, Ontario, Canada). It would appear that this may be Hugh so perhaps he was Thomas Hugh Lunney or Hugh Thomas Lunney. The history refers to Edward and Thomas being granted land in Fitzroy Township. Another problem to solve.

Ed Eliz wedding2

Hugh Edward Lunney (1888-1944) & Elizabeth Dominica O’Neill (1898-1983) on their wedding day

al's dad

Hugh Edward Lunney (1888-1944)

fr bill lunney

Father William Francis Lunney (1928-2009)

sister mary lunney

Sister Mary Theresa Lunney (1931-2009)

John Hugh Lunney (1925-2006) and Margaret (Peg) McElligott Lunney (1922-2000)

Thomas Lunney (1927-2003)

Two brothers, the rocks of the family! John Hugh Lunney (1925-2006) and Thomas Lunney (1927-2003)

Thomas Lunney (1927-2003), John Lunney (1925-2006), baby Alphonse Lunney (1941-) , Edward Lunney (1929-2012) , Gerard Lunney (1922-2009), Hugh Edward Lunney (1888-1944), Francis Lunney (1933-), Elizabeth O’Neill Lunney (1898-1983), Mary Lunney (1931-2009)

Rita Lunney Nugent (1920-2008)

Grace Anne Lunney Brennan (1929-2012) and her family below

Edward Joseph Lunney (1929-2012)

Note to family members: This file has been privatized. This means that the personal data of all living individuals has been made private. I welcome all enquiries, corrections, additions. E-mail me if you wish to get more information. If your name has not been privatized it is probably because I do not have your birth information. Please contact me to make the correction.

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  1. Hi, Kerry Mahony suggested I check out your site. I am related James Lunney and his sister Louise, fro Fermanagh/cavan bth sides ot=f the border near Derrylin,, I was born in Dublin,,,Wondering if we might be related..


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