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Descendants of Samuel Gibson

(updated 16 Dec 2016)

Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions, corrections or additions.

NEWS!!! (May 2016)

We found the marriage record of Samuel Gibson and Ellen O’Reilly.

1838 marriage Samuel and Ellen

Transcription: 1838; No. 2; M.  Feb 12th: Were joined in Marriage by me the undersigned Samuel Gipson residing at the Stone Mills Hallowell & Elenor Reiley residing in Wellington with one publication of Banns.  Witnesses were A. McFaul, P. Carole & Mrs. A. McFaul.
M. Lalor Pte.


I have been trying in vain to research Samuel Gibson and Ellen O’Reilly. Having completed the Doherty and Lunney genealogy books, my logical next choice is the Gibsons, a family so important to both Al and me. I have faced roadblocks in every direction in trying to find their ancestors. But I’ll keep trying. If anyone has any knowledge of their parents or their entry to Canada, please E-mail Me.

An especial thanks to Michael Gibson for all of his research on the Gibsons. He generously shared files, pictures and other materials.  More recently, thanks to Ellen Gibson-Fawcett for sharing her information, for going to the cemetery to take pictures of the gravestones and for inspiring me to start working on this again. Thanks to Aunt Irene who shared a wonderful picture of Grandma Kate Gibson.

The name Gibson in Ireland is usually of immigrant origin being an adaptation of the Scottish names Gibb and Gilbert. Gibson is now found mostly Ulster. The native Gaelic O’Gibealain Sept of County Roscommon occasionally adopted Gibson as the anglicized form of their name instead of the more usual Giblin.

Note to family members: This file has been privatized. This means that the personal data of all living individuals has been made private.   I welcome all enquiries, corrections, additions. E-mail Me if you wish to get more information.


Catherine Heffernan Gibson (1883-1958)


James Gibson (1877-1957) & Catherine Heffernan Gibson (1883-1958)


Great-grandparents & families at Larry & Nellie’s wedding, Jan 5, 1937


Leo Gibson (1917-2002) & Irene Gibson Walsh (1916-)


Vincent Gibson (1923-1983) & Mary Collins Gibson (1934-2009)


Larry Doherty (1907-1987) & Ellen Elizabeth (Nellie) Gibson Doherty (1914-2009)
Kate Gibson & Nellie

Kate Heffernan Gibson (1883-1958) & daughter,Nellie Gibson Doherty (1914-2009)

Below: My dad’s last Gibson party at Mary’s home, Thanksgiving, 1987- lots of euchre, music and dancing-a night to remember: Mary Collins Gibson (1934-2009), Mary Coveney Gibson (1914-1994), Leo Gibson (1917-2002), Irene Gibson Walsh (1916-) seated, Nellie Gibson Doherty (1914-2009), Larry Doherty (1907-1987)


Mary Collins Gibson (1934-2009), Allan Winfield (1922-2009), Nellie Gibson Doherty (1914-2009), Irene Gibson Walsh (1916-), Madelene Gibson Winfield (1913-2013)

Gordon Gibson (1909-1977)

Below: James Gibson (1877-1957), Irene Gibson Walsh (1916-), Catherine Heffernan Gibson (1883-1958), David B. Walsh (1907-1983)

Below: Eileen Convey Young, Madeleine Convey Gibson (1911-1970), Jack Gibson (1909-1977), Gordon Gibson (1910-1977)



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  1. Hi Jeri, hope all is well! Loved your latest pics by the Christmas trees. I was just wondering if you would like any info about my siblings and I to add to your genealogy pages? Sorry to say, I haven’t been out and about finding any new info for Hopefully the new year will find me on the move again with a camera in tow. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😍

  2. I would love to hear more about your entire family but I suggest you write to me privately so that info on living persons is not on my web site. Thanks!

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