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Descendants of William Doherty and Catherine Maxy

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It is all in the book: Finding Lawrence’s Family . . .  From Ballywilliam to Asphodel.

Doherty Coat of Arms

Note to family members: The above file has been privatized. This means that the personal data of all living individuals has been made private. I welcome all enqiries, corrections, additions. E-mail Me if you wish to get more information. If the software included your name by error it probably means I do not have your birth date. Contact me and I’ll fix it. I am also starting with William Doherty’s unknown parents so that I can show his two brothers.
We have confirmed a major break-through on the Doherty and Heffernan families. We have confirmed that Lawrence’s parents are William Doherty and Catherine Maxy (or Mackey) from Ballywilliam, a townland in Ballyporeen Parish in County Tipperary, Ireland. The Irish records say Maxy and the Canadian records say Mackey. Since the new immigrants were illiterate at this stage, it is impossible to know which is correct. They were at the mercy of the person transcribing William and Catherine’s marriage record in Ireland or Lawrence’s marriage record in Canada .
We have a potential connection between Margaret Doherty who married Patrick Heffernan since she also was married in Ballyporeen Parish. I conjecture that she is William’s and James’sister but have no proof. However, the fact that the Dohertys and Heffernans from Ballyporeen Parish and the Heffernans from nearby Mitchelstown and Kilworth are so closely related in Ireland and in Ontario leads me to suspect that Margaret is from the same Doherty family.
According to Paul Heffernan, William also has a younger brother, John Doherty with wife Mary and three daughters, Margaret, Mary and Anne, living in the Peterborough area but I have not been able to confirm this.
Records from the Library and Archives Canada tell of the immigration in 1847 of the Doherty families arriving in Cobourg on their way to Gores Landing. James and his family (wife Norry and two sons, William & Patrick) arrived on July 25, 1847 and William and his son, Lawrence, arrived on August 26, 1847. They were listed as indigent families arriving at the height of the famine.
I have received information from KARA in Peterborough confirming this research. Our Lawrence Doherty came from Tipperary with his family: his father, William Doherty, Uncle James Doherty, Aunt Honora (O’Donnell) Doherty and their two sons. This matches the six people that Aunt Mary Wilson said sailed from Cork. She believed they were 6 brothers but I believe they were 6 members of the same family.
I would like to especially thank Patrick Doherty from Kitchener, who shared his many boxes of files on the Doherty family. Patrick, a second cousin, is absorbed with hockey and has pointed out the many relatives who have been involved in hockey. Patrick even has an arena named after him and we write every year to share the genealogical “news”. He’s not into computers and keeps his files in well-organized binders and boxes. It was wonderful to meet you, Patrick. He is a “pure” Doherty, since my great-aunt and Patrick’s grandmother, Mary Winnifred Doherty, married Patrick Joseph Doherty (no relative to me).
Thanks also to the late Fred and his wife, Shirley O’Grady who shared their massive research with me. They welcomed us into their home in Peterborough and we had a wonderful visit.
More recently, thanks to Bernadette (Doherty) Guyatt and husband Paul for sharing their information.
Another coincidence here- where the Heffernans and the Dohertys are on both sides of my family tree. My ancestor, Lawrence Doherty was married to Johanna Elizabeth Heffernan, another situation where the Doherty and Heffernan families are linked, just as Margaret Doherty married Patrick Heffernan in another part of this large family tree file. But my ancestor is Lawrence’s second wife, Hanorah Mahoney. I have no information on her so if you are reading this and know about her, E-mail Me.
Doherty gparents
Patrick Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1869-1951) & Mary Ann McGillen (1876-1938)
James Doherty (1909-1982), PL Doherty (1869-1951), Mary Doherty (1919-2010), Lawrence Doherty (1907-1987), Ambrose Doherty (?) (1914-1974)
P L Doherty (1869-1951)
Mary Winnifred Doherty (1858-1937), sister of P.L. Doherty
Patrick J. Doherty (1854-1932), husband of Mary Winnifred Doherty
The family of Patrick J. Doherty and Mary Winnifred Doherty.
Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1907-1987) & Ellen Elizabeth (Nellie) Gibson (1914-2009)on their wedding day
Kenneth Patrick James Doherty (1940-1972) with son Kevin in Pakenham
James Peter Doherty (1909-1982) & Velma Hamelin Doherty
Mary Agnes Doherty Wilson (1919-2010) and Nellie Gibson Doherty (1914-2009)
Patrick Philip Doherty (1905-1949) and Dixie Nora Stahl Doherty (1905-1989)
Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1907-1987) & Patrick Philip Doherty (1905-1949)
Mary Agnes Doherty Wilson (1919-2010)
Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1907-1987) & Ellen Elizabeth (Nellie) Gibson (1914-2009) at their home in Almonte, ON

My dad’s last party (& last night) on earth at Mary Gibson’s home.
L to R: Mary Collins Gibson (1934-2009), Mary Coveney Gibson (1914-1994), Leo Gibson (1917-2002), Irene Gibson Walsh (1916-), Nellie Gibson Doherty (1914-2009), Larry Doherty (1907-1987)
nellie at 95
Ellen Elizabeth (Nellie) Gibson (1914-2009) on her 95th birthday- our last picture.  She died 8 days later
Lawrence Joseph Doherty (1907-1987), Mary Agnes Doherty Wilson (1919-2010) & Charles Michael Doherty (1912-1992)
first on left, Ambrose J. Doherty (1914-1974); third from left, Mary Agnes Doherty Wilson (1919-2010)
Back row: Gerard Hugh Wilson (1916-1968), Ambrose J. Doherty (1914-1974), Lawrence J Doherty (1907-1987)
Front row: Ellen Elizabeth Gibson Doherty (1914-2009), Rose Doyle, Patrick Lawrence Doherty (1869-1951). The children are Kenneth Patrick Doherty (1940-1972) in the back and Living Doherty.

Gerard Hue Wilson (1916-1968), Mary Agnes Doherty Wilson (1919-2010), Rose Doyle, Ambrose J. Doherty (1914-1974)
My great-aunt, Ellen Nellie Doherty (1863-1925 ), wife of James Herr (1846-1935) from Peterborough, ON
There are two  Ellen Dohertys married to two James Herrs- very confusing. The second Ellen Doherty/ James Herr are buried in Norwood, ON.
And here’s a third Ellen Doherty:
Ellen J. Nellie Doherty ( 1896-1965) buried in Norwood, ON
Frederick Doherty (1887- ?)
From The Official Site of the Hockey Hall of Fame:
Right-winger Fred Doherty played a couple of games for the Montreal Canadiens in 1918-19. He was best known as a dangerous scorer in the OPHL and the NHA. Born in Norwood, Ontario, Doherty excelled in the OPHL with the Guelph and Galt Professionals. He was one of the first pro stars in the province an accumulated 29 goals in parts of three seasons. Doherty moved to the MPHL’s Moncton Victorias in 1911-12 and was a scoring star there for two years. Doherty joined the NHA’s Toronto Ontarios in 1913-14 and also competed briefly for the Quebec Bulldogs and Montreal Wanderers. After serving two years in World War I, he signed with the Canadiens as a free agent and played a couple of games before retiring.
Kathleen Norah Doherty (1904-2003 ).
His Aunt Kay provided many stories about the older Dohertys to Pat Doherty of Kitchener.  Kay looked after several of Lawrence Doherty’s (1825-1894) children in their old age. She never married.
Kathleen Norah Doherty (1904-2003)
The Doherty homestead- the next generation.
William Patrick (Pete) Doherty (1880-1950), his wife, Emma Delaney (1882-1956), with children, William John Doherty (1906-1987) and Mary Hyacinth Doherty (1909-2000). Thanks to Emma Doherty for this picture.
William John Doherty (1906-1987) & his bride Lois Marie Minnie (1930-2010), parents of Margaret & Emma Doherty.

This amazing picture is from Emma & Margaret Doherty.  It shows William J. Doherty and Mary O’Grady and their children.William J. is the first child and son of Lawrence who came from Ireland.

(top) Elizabeth (Ryan), Wm Patrick “Pete”, Regina (Sullivan), William seated, Mary(Grady) seated, Johanna Matilda”Tilly” (Killeen) seated.  Mary Emoline”Emma” with guitar.  Child seated Mary Killeen and other is Ray Ryan

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  1. Hello there possible relative.

    Possible family connection???????

    Re: this paragraph from your web page….”.I have received information from KARA in Peterborough confirming this research. Our Lawrence Doherty came from Tipperary with his family: his father, William Doherty, Uncle James Doherty, Aunt Honora (O’Donnell) Doherty and their two sons. This matches the six people that Aunt Mary Wilson said sailed from Cork. She believed they were 6 brothers but I believe they were 6 members of the same family.”

    My family tree may possibly be a link here. I have a relative Helen Frances Sheahan (also called Nellie) who is the child of Jeremiah Sheahan, Honora Clampett. Helen’s siblings and therefore Jeremiah and Honora children are 1 Helen, 2, Joseph, 3 Katherine, 4, Mary Elizabeth 5 Jeremiah Jr and 6 Thomas Henry.

    Helen Frances Sheahan (AKA Nellie) married a P.J. Cooney and had 6 children named Marion, Frank J., Josephine, Helen, Lenore and Agnes. I am the namesake and grand dtr of Lenore Cooney. She is my paternal grandmother.

    Honora’s siblings were Catherin Clampett and Mary Clampett

    Jeremiah’s father was Daniel and his mother is Ellen Shaughnasy born 11/20/1814 in Ballyclough CO Cork.

    I am unsure if our families are connected. If they are I do have some more info.
    Feel free to email me.
    Lenore (Doherty) Nowicky-Rochester NY USA

  2. I’m looking for a Lillian Doherty she lived at 442 Dar— Square Cobourg, Ont. Canada in 1942 Trying to make a connection for my father James Doherty born in 1932. James Joesph Doherty was my dads father

  3. forgot to mention James Joseph Doherty lived in Rochester New York in 1942 where his son was born

  4. I am trying to find information about my maternal grand mother, Mary Lillian Marriott (Doherty). She lived in the Timmins-Sudbury area when she married Robert William Marriott of New Liskeard. She had two sisters, Marjorie and Robena, and a brother, Thomas.
    Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
    R.S. Currie

  5. I wish I could help but I don’t have her in my tree. Doherty is a very common name. Do you have any other info? My Dohertys came from Ballyporeen, Tipperary to Ontario, Canada, in 1847.

  6. Hi there,

    Unsure if there is a relation at all but thought I would contact you just in case.

    My grandfathers name was ‘Thomas John Gerald Joseph Doherty’ (born in the 1930’s) his fathers name was James Doherty (James was married to Mary Doherty) and would have lived arround the Ballyphillip/Corrig area.

    Could you let me know if you think this matches anyone in your tree? unfortunately my poppa has passed and my granmda doesnt have the best memory for names and dates.


  7. My Dohertys came from Tipperary and if I am correct, Ballyphillip is in County Down. Good luck with your search. Why not try DNA testing? I have done this.

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