Meet & Greet Karen McCrimmon

Tired but happy after our Meet & Greet wine and cheese party for Karen McCrimmon, the Federal Liberal candidate for Carleton-Mississippi Mills. We are really impressed with Karen and hope that she will be successful in the upcoming election.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate. we still had about 40 people and Karen took home some unexpected campaign contributions, unexpected since we hadn’t billed the party as a fundraiser.

It’s fun to show off our condo and it’s an amazing place for a party.

Amusing tidbits . . .

Each week I read the local papers and the emails from our residents’ association, and each week I am amused at how everything changes and everything stays the same.

  • the big news on the MMRA web chat room is still White Tail Ridge- its advertisements, its signs, its lights, its layout. Those who complain have said the same thing for 8 years; perhaps they should get a life.
  • the sidewalk snowplowing issue was particularly amusing as this comes up every year and new councillors think they can please everyone, but they find that they can only do so at the expense of a large rise in taxes.
  • special council meetings are still being held even though the new committee structure was supposed to prevent this.

Guess I’m his press agent . . .

Al was out of bed at 5:30 this morning, on his way to Ottawa to be interviewed on CBC radio regarding the potential closure of the rail line from Mattawa to Smiths Falls. Then he was off to join his colleagues from Lanark County to prepare for their 10 a.m. meeting with Minister Merrifield. This meeting is a direct result of the press conference planned for 12:15 on the steps of the Parliament buildings.

So this is what retirement is all about?


The new council

It was interesting to see the new council sworn in with all the jockeying for position. It was also wonderful not to be worrying about who got what position- it’s someone else’s problem now. I hope that all those wonderful words that we heard tonight will be followed through with action. I can well remember hearing a councillor more than once speaking strongly against council decisions on the steps of the Old Town Hall. Hmmmm . . .

Good luck and best wishes to them all!

I was particularly touched by Al’s words to Jack as he handed him the chain of office- classy all the way!

new mayor


I am amazed that Al is still attending meetings regularly.  His last day is tomorrow and he will be meeting an MP about the rail line.  And tonight he’s attending a meeting on drug strategies. I hope that the new council will give the same commitment.

Al’s last Council meeting


We just got home after a get together at the pub after Al’s last Council meeting. Only one Council member was missing. He, in fact, missed three meetings tonight without a phone call but that’s no longer an issue for us.

I learned tonight about how ugly the last election was and was thankful not to be a part of it. If a person has to win by telling half truths or by putting others down then winning is no accomplishment. I firmly believe that this behaviour will come home to roost!

I am very proud of what has been accomplished over the past seven years by two councils led by Al.  There have been amazing infrastructure accomplishments, a strategic plan (doesn’t every organization have one?  Guess not), and someone who stood up for what he believed in at all times.

It was particularly nice to have the Civitan present two cheques for the Almonte Arena.  This organization works so hard for our community.  During the meeting, Al referred to other companies that he has persuaded to give significant contributions.  The next council will get the cheques but I know who did the work to get the commitments.

Speaking of the next council, where were all the new members?  Not one of the five new members attended tonight’s meeting!


One of our last events

We just got back from Perth after attending the Warden’s banquet. We brought former wardens Paul and Margaret and sat with good friends, had a great dinner and a good time. We will continue to be invited each year from now on, a nice touch for anyone who served as warden of the county.

Al and Jeri at the Warden’s banquet

Warden Fenik, Laurie, Al and Margaret

Aubrey & Ann

Bob & Janet

Al & Paul

Canadian Gazette Editorials

The editorials in our local free newspaper are deteriorating to the point where I cannot stand by. Today’s editorial about the election is a case in point. In describing a councillor’s unsuccessful campaign, the editorial gave incorrect information about his career and referred to his age and physical limitations. This is unacceptable.

As a result, I wrote the following letter to Deb Bodine, the Head Editor.

RE: Canadian Gazette Editorial, October 28, 2010
I am appalled at discriminatory comments in this week’s editorial relating to age and physical limitations. In addition, the grammatical errors rankle.

Councillor Jim Lowry has spent a lifetime serving his community. He does not deserve the patronizing comments contained within this editorial.