Birthdays and such . . .

We just got back from Ottawa where we spent the weekend at the Westin. This is a tradition started by Al when I turned 50 and we have missed very few years since.

At the NAC, we met a woman from Almonte (whom we didn’t know) who spoke to Al about how she had appreciated his contributions as mayor and told him “he was missed”!  There have been many such messages and they still are special to both of us.

We spent time with Mike, had great meals and saw Vinyl Cafe at the NAC- it was amazing!

Home again- wrapping presents, making lists, getting ready for the gang to come for Christmas.  Can’t wait!!!


The last hurrah . . .

Well tonight is the last town event and Tuesday will be the last county event for me to attend. Tonight is the town’s party for staff and volunteers and Tuesday is the inaugural meeting of the county at which the Warden will be chosen.

Then next weekend is for us alone! We’ll spend it at the Westin in luxurious surroundings, spending time with Mike, attending Vinyl Cafe and celebrating my birthday.

Christmas festivities

Light up the night last night had a record number of people in attendance to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  But Al wasn’t on stage this year.

Today is Pakenham’s quaint parade in which they go twice around the village and tomorrow will be Almonte’s parade. I miss being on the horse and buggy, but I don’t miss the phone being a bit more quiet, so their are trade-offs everywhere. I hope Helen takes part in these festivities!

Tomorrow we host a pot luck for 17 – all the residents of our building. The table is set and we’re really looking forward to this get together.

But what we’re really looking forward to is our family coming for Christmas, possibly with a new member, Cosmo! We still don’t know if everyone is coming!

Imagine a whole holiday without Al being called away for some emergency.  If the town hall floods, call Jack!