Bridge tournament

I just spent 3 days at a bridge tournament.  Guess I’ve become an addict. We did well, earning several silver points,  but we did even better than the scores reflect since one board was taken away from us when the opposition claimed that the board had been fouled.  Unfortunately the other team was younger and louder, and even though we spoke very strongly, the director would not hear our side. I hope that team really enjoys the win.  We know we beat them fair and square! And I’ll bet they know it too!

Spring at the condo

I’m sitting here in my chair watching the water rushing over the falls.  Most of the ice has let go and it’s amazing to see and hear the rush of water. We get a view of the river from six different windows and each one is spectacular.




And this is retirement . . .

It’s been crazy around here! I am getting ready for a shuffleboard tournament on Tuesday and all that is involved- the scheduling, the luncheon, all the telephone calls, etc.

Meanwhile, I find out that we should be having a STaC night at Duplicate bridge (I am the manager and have never done this before), so in the middle of the shuffleboard fiasco, I start into the bridge tournament by calling ACBL in Memphis. Several phone calls later with the club president, I feel we are ready for Wednesday night.

Meanwhile my neighbour phones to say that she has two more pages of names to invite to the Meet & Greet for our Liberal candidate, which will be held right here in our condo.  Can she come up and have a meeting with me. That was the proverbial straw since the date is 2 weeks away and I can’t deal with it until after Wednesday.

And of course, we have two banquets to go to this weekend, one a GALA, so it’s out of the pjs and into the finery.

However, we’ve:

  • been to Vancouver to see Stephen in January for a whole week
  • been to Ohio to see Carole and family for over a week
  • and we’re in the midst of planning our 4 week trip to Ireland!!!

Happy New Year


It’s a new year and a new life for us as we face 2011.

  • No more political crap to worry about
  • No complaining phone calls at weird hours
  • No meetings during hockey games

Perhaps this means we will;

  • Have regular meals and even lose some weight
  • Spend some fun time with each other
  • Get to see our kids and our friends more often
  • Travel

In the past two weeks, we have celebrated my birthday, Christmas, our 45th anniversary, New Year’s and tomorrow is Al’s birthday. We spent seven wonderful days with family- seven of us plus a dog in our condo.  It was hard to see everyone go home and we are slowly getting the condo back to normal.

We spent our anniversary with family, making a brunch with the grandchildren and going out to dinner with the extended family.


New Year’s eve was spent with neighbours at the condo. Today is a rainy day and we will probably go to the New Year’s day levee at the Legion.

I am hopeful about 2011.