Young Awards Dinner

What an incredible evening!

  • great food from Foodies, Ballygibblins and the Leatherworks
  • great entertainment by the young and not so young
  • wonderful company at our table
  • an opportunity to pay tribute to two great winners- On Stage with Kids and Peter Mansfield, architect

Busy weekend

We’re attending the Heritage Dinner tonight and the Young Awards Gala on Saturday night.  All this with me wearing “sensible” shoes! We are both still very busy with life but it seems we are going in the same direction.  Yea!!!

Remembrance day

Over the past seven years, Al and I have celebrated Remembrance day with this community in so many ways.  I especially remember the times we were at Country Haven where my mom watched proudly as Al took part in the ceremonies. Garry Dalgity was there this year while Alex Gillis went to Fairview Manor.

We were in Pakenham at the school where the children and the whole village take part in the ceremonies.  Afterwards we have lunch and visit with our friends. Jane is part of the Legion’s colour party and Denny and Brenda are there, but I don’t see our mayor-elect. Perhaps he was at Clayton where Jim Lowry will represent the town one last time.

I am proud of Al as he reads the names of the soldiers from Pakenham who lost their lives in the wars. later he lays the town’s wreath.


The Fishenden family has brought a whole display of letters, pictures and other memorabilia from their soldier who lost his life in the war.  Corinne is flanked by Bonnie and Andrea as she lays her wreath. Around me I see the same faces that I have known all my life. Each person has a reason to be here and their memories permeate the air.

In the afternoon, we attend the Almonte ceremony. Gordon O’Connor is there and the Legion does a wonderful job of paying tribute to our fallen soldiers. Al’s role is to lay the town’s wreath.

almonte wreath

Because of my broken foot, I sit in a chair while everyone else stands.  I feel like the Queen Mother, but can’t perfect the wave. I visit with friends and take an occasional picture.

Gordon O’Connor and Al chat throughout the afternoon and Al introduces him to the mayor-elect.


Later we go to the Legion for their usual get together.  I visit with the regulars and catch up on the gossip. I will miss being a part of these activities . . . but there are other things I won’t miss . . .

Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

We just got home from an amazing concert which pays tribute to the artists and builders who promote and support country musicians in the Ottawa Valley. Our good friend, Charlie Kitts was inducted into the hall of fame along with Gail Gavin and others. 18-year old Brad Scott from Pakenham had the opportunity to perform along with other Ottawa Valley greats. We were happy to be part of the Almonte and Renfrew contingent who were there both to enjoy the music and to celebrate with Charlie.