The Gibson genealogy book will be sent to the printer probably by the end of this week. It is a hard cover book, 426 pages in length. It will be on sale for $50 plus shipping if applicable. I will be delivering books to Hastings, Ontario, on Saturday, September 30, 2017. If interested please contact me. Books must be pre-ordered.

Gibson book

I have written to some key people to get addresses for those who may wish to purchase the book on the descendants of Samuel Gibson and Ellen O’Reilly. If you wish to purchase a book or to learn more, contact me at:

jeri email

This is the message I am trying to get to folks.

The book I have been working on, (with wonderful help from fellow researchers and our incredible editor), for the descendants of Samuel Gibson and Ellen O’Reilly is 95% complete. Because of the emphasis on DNA, I am waiting until late summer to publish it. It has been a labour of love, filled with surprises.

I require pre-orders since I am self-publishing this book. It will be a hard cover book, about 415 pages in length with several colour pages. The price will be probably $50 (plus shipping if applicable) as it was for the Lunney book and the Doherty book.  I wish to send requests to members of the family and require contact information. Can you help me by providing email addresses for as many as possible?

I will send a separate email to each person with a copy of the Table of Contents and details about price, shipping, etc. 

Thank you in advance for helping me get pre-orders. Each of you has in some way contributed to this book so my thanks is two-fold. The number of books will be limited and I don’t anticipate a second printing.

 Our plan is to travel to Hastings, Ontario, in the fall to distribute as many copies of the book as possible. I am also looking for a location from which to set up a table to sell the books so if any of the “locals” have an idea, I would appreciate it.

Regards, Jeri

Gibson Genealogy Book

We are well underway with a book on the Descendants of Samuel Gibson and Ellen O’Reilly. Please contact me if you have anything to contribute or if you wish to purchase a copy. Publication is expected for the summer of 2017.

PS If anyone knows why Ellen has been called Ellen Elizabeth, I would love to know the source.