The Gibsons

I have been working with an amazing team to try to discover the origins of the Gibson/O’Reilly family. Thanks to some information from Bruce Murduck, a genealogist from Kingston, Ontario, we now have the marriage record of Samuel and Ellen. Refer to the Gibson page on this site.

A wonderful lunch

Al and I met Dorothy and Ken Payne today.  Dorothy is a Mantle cousin and genealogist who has shared many of our common genealogy puzzles for over ten years. We enjoyed meeting face to face and this may inspire us to get together to solve more puzzles.

Lunney Family History

These days, Al, Michael and I are busy compiling an updated Lunney Family History.  We are so pleased to have Alec Lunny’s 1946 History and Louise Chinnock’s Family History, updated in 2002.

Today, I found and spoke to descendants of Mary Anne Lunney and they have promised to send me material on her branch of the family. It was so nice to talk with Brenda and Katherine today!

Now I need to find someone who knows the Ellen Lunney Meehan side of the family.  You would think that would be easy with me being so close to Corkery and knowing so many Meehans!  But it isn’t.  But I am stubborn! So who knows???

Lunney updates

Mike and I have been working frantically to sort out the Lunney genealogy.  Is Bridget Ellen Lunney, married to John O’Keefe in Ireland, a sister to Edward Joseph and Hugh?  Is Hugh Lunney really Thomas Hugh Lunney? Were Ann and Bernard siblings of these Lunneys?

We think so and our research is on the Lunney page.

I have 11 years worth of files from a variety of sources and trying to combine them is a big chore!

And then there are all of our other families!!!


We dropped in to see 96 year old Aunt Irene on Sunday on our way home from the Descartes Dinner in Waterloo.  She has organized a card-writing exercise for all the nieces and nephews to send cards to her elder sister, 99 year old Madelene.  Amazing genes!

I continue to work hard at my genealogy research- Dohertys, McGillens, Lunneys, etc. I would love to hear from you if you have any new information or corrections.